Multinational Corporations and Chinese Economy: Challenges and Opportunities International Forum

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1.      Introduction

Over the past 30 years, China has been actively implementing the reform and opening up policy while firmly maintaining the direction of reform on modern socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics for the purpose of economic development. Although still listed among “Emerging Markets”, China has become one of the two biggest economies (U.S-China, known as G-2) and has maintained a special position in the world clouded by global recession. The initiation of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area construction was proposed in Beijing APEC leaders meeting in 2014, and with the background of this, “Multinational Corporations and Chinese Economic International Forum” will be held in Chengdu – the southwest economic center in 2015. This forum will be centered on the function, the role and significance of the construction of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area and the government as well as the status, significance and role of multinational corporations in the modern society, emerging market economies and China. Besides, the forum will combine theory and practice, bring discussion on the notable challenges and opportunities that China brings to Asia-Pacific economy and institution as a result of its Rapid integration into the world economy. This international conference (forum) could provide a platform where enterprises, government and academic experts could value and discuss the existing opportunities and how to create economic performance.

2.      Schedule

·         Abstract Submission due: May,31,2015

·         Full Paper Submission due: July,31,2015

Conference Date: October, 22-24, 2015(Thursday to Saturday and register on October, 22)

·         Address: Cheng Du, China

·         Conference Notification: Authors will be notified by website once the paper is reviewed and qualified.


3.       Organization

·         Sponsored by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(SWUFE)

·         Jointly hosted by School of International Business of SWUFE and “Transnational Corporations Review” from Canada

·         Supported by School of Business of Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Economics and Management of Chongqing University, School of Business of Laval University in Canada and International Investment Research Center of Columbia University in America, etc.

4. Topics

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

·          Multinational Corporation, foreign investment and institutional innovation

·          Multinational Corporation and cross-cultural management

·          Development and management of Multinational Corporation in China 

·         Global development strategy and  mergers and acquisitions overseas

·         International marketing and human resources management

·         Social responsibility of Multinational Corporation and sustainable development

·         International entrepreneurship and internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises

·         R & D and Globalization of innovation management

·         Multinational Corporation's global supply chain management

·         Globalization of electronic commerce

·         Globalization of service industry 

·         World economic and financial research

·         Role of emerging economies in the global economy

·         International Trade and investment policy

·         Significance, function and effect of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone, 

·         Globalization and economic development

 [Note] Anyone that fails to submit a paper or whose paper has not been formally qualified is welcome to register to attend the meeting.

5. Publication

·         Requirement: Both English and Chinese paper are admitted. The paper must contain English title, abstract(about 150 words),key words ,introduction of the authors (about 100 words for each)and their contact information(especially valid email) if it’s written in Chinese .Otherwise ,the whole paper must be written in English if the author wishes for international publication ,especially for SSCI publication.

·         Paper format: See details at

·         Publication: All accepted papers will be published in Transnational Corporations Review from Canada, and will also be included in some important international index like SSCI-CPCI. Excellent English papers will be recommended by this conference for SSCI publication

6. Registration fee

·         630 RMB per participant. This covers the conference material, activity, lunch/dinner, coffee and tea except transportation and accommodation fee.

·         The editing, publishing, index fee and other charges of the paper are not included in the conference registration fee. Please contact the Secretariat of the Forum (Overseas) for more details

7. Website and contact information

·         Conference proceeding : http://cd.tnc-conf.org

·        Conference registration :  And the contact email:

·         Paper Submission: