The postgraduate recommendation requirements and results of the period 2014

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The postgraduate recommendation requirements and results of the period 2014

The requirements of postgraduate recommendation of 2014 period are as follows:

Recommended exemption graduates should have positive thinking and no demerits first. Second, overall grades are covered by four parts——the academic achievements, awards, scientific research and innovation ability, and the interview results. Among these grades, academic achievement is worth 70% ,the awards is worth 10%, the scientific research and innovation ability accounts for 10% of the total grade, and the interview results accounted for 10%. Among them, the academic performance requires credit points should reach 2.5 and above, College English Six levels of tests should reach into more than 530 points (including 530 points).If the points of College English Six levels of tests doesn’t reach 530 pointsthe college would regard IELTS scores above 6.0 pointsincluding 6.0 points),TOEFL scores above 85including 85 pointsand GRE or GMAT scores reach out more than 70% including 70%as the basis of English marks.

Furthermore, for encouraging students to break new ground actively, the students can gain up-free, who performed excellently in significant scientific research and style game, also published sophisticated papers in journals. Otherwise, the student must also have a recommendation from 2 associate professor and above title teachers.

The seniors of Grade2010 have made outstanding achievement through four years of struggle. 24 students succeeded in postgraduate recommendation.3 of them was recommended for admission to Peking University and Renmin university of China, 5 was Foreign Trade University, and Nankai university, Fudan university in Shanghai, and sun yat-sen university each had one. Asides, 2 was Xiamen university, 8 got admission to SWUFE.